Long live film

long Live Film. A documentary by Indie Film Lab


Day 13

Last but not least I have some more stories about my crazy Aunt Tootie. Aunt Tootie was one of the first ever Play Boy Bunnies in the Play Boy clubs. This was back in the day when Play Boy was at least trying to be classy. And a bunny in a club was basically a cocktail waitress who wore a bunny outfit that most girls today would wear as a halloween costume. This is a scan of one of their photo ops from when my Grandpa and Grandma went to visit her at the club.


These stories I don’t have photos for but they are just as good. My Aunt Tootie was an entertainer as I think I said before. She played piano and sang at lounges and clubs all over the country. One time she was living in New Orleans and playing in a club on Bourbon street. She told this story on television once…She said she usually would wear a big brimmed hat and an oversized trench coat on her walk home so that she would have less chance of being mugged or raped. She said one night she forgot her coat and hat and only had her outfit (which was always scandalous and extravagant) and heard someone following her. She said he kept trying to imitate her steps and got closer and closer until she stopped and could feel his breath on the back of her neck. So she turned around yelling and waving her arms and acting as much like a mad woman as she could and the guy was startled and ran off. Another time… She came home one night from a club she was working to find her Doberman acting sickly. She took him to the emergency vet clinic and they found a finger in his throat. So the police went to her apartment to find the guy waiting for her in her closet with a missing finger.

I hope everyone has enjoyed these as I have. If I find more, I’ll scan them and post them.

Day 12

This is my Great Grandpa Maddox. He was my Grandma’s dad. I don’t know much about him. I know he was a quiet man. He kept a lot to himself, very stern. I know he was a police officer, tall, and good looking. His name, Maddox, is where my family came up with the Maddox split. Apparently some folks in my family had a gap between their front teeth “so big you could slide a quarter between them.” I never met him, or saw a picture of him smiling, or thought my family members had big gaps between their teeth, but that’s the legend.


He’s the one on the right. I guess my 8 mile legs don’t solely come from my momma’s side of the family…

Day 12

This is my Great Grandfather. My Grandpa’s dad. He owned racing stables. My Grandpa tells me he would have liked the way I ride. You see, my Grandpa taught me how to ride. He said when he was a kid growing up on the different racing stables they owned, his job after school was to condition the horses who were boarding there. In other words, he was the horses’ personal trainer when they weren’t racing. But he said his dad always got onto him for riding like an Indian, low and close to the neck. He told me, however, that I naturally ride with good posture, which my Great Granddad would have said was good. My Grandpa says that his dad was a “horse whisperer,” which most people think is cheezy ever since the movie came out, but in the horse world it’s a real thing. He says that watching him ride was like watching a dance. My Grandma says that he was a quiet man, gruff and to himself mostly, much like my Grandpa. And also much like my Grandpa, a very sweet guy who won’t admit it.


I hope someone who rides sees this photo so they can appreciate it with me, gah so good

Day 11

This is my Great Grandmother. My Grandma from earlier posts, her mom. My Grandma doesn’t say much about her besides the fact that she was very sweet and kind of quiet, mostly just a very sweet lady though.


likin’ that bathing suit


Check out them flappers. If I cared to dress up and spend money on clothes I’d bring this back.

Day 10

These are my Great Grandparents. I like these. I’m pretty sure they are the parents of the Great Grandfather who was in first grade in 1912, I could be wrong though.



Day 9

These are gems. I don’t know how old these are

The littlest girl in this photo is my Great Grandmother (My Grandma from the last post, her mom) and the man is her father.

Same idea…

These are my Great Grandmother’s older sisters, before she was born.