Day 8

This is my Grandma. My dad’s mom, my Grandfather in the last post, his wife. I love her very much too. All of these family photos so far are because of her. She had 4 boxes of them that she didn’t know what to do with anymore so she gave them to me. She is very cheerful and will hug anyone. She loves guests and telling stories. Contrary to my father’s teasing, she is a marvelous cook. She is a writer and a fashion designer. She used to be a beautician. She is extremely hospitable. She has a very innocent demeanor. She is precious, I love her, and so would you.


This is one of my favorites. Something about it, just can’t explain.

This one gets me too. Very dream-like. It’s my Grandma and her brother playing.


A lot of people say I look like her. I’m ok with that.


Day 7

My Grandpa turned 75 last Friday, June 19th.  So this photo post is for him.  I love my Grandpa.  He is the ornoriest old man you’ll ever meet, but he would give the shirt off his back to anyone and then cuss you for saying thank you.  He cuts his neighbor’s grass and will fix anything for anyone and refuse payment of any sort.  He cusses like a sailor, sun bathes like it’s his job, and I’ve never seen the man without a beer in his hand.  He wears shorter shorts than I do, rarely wears a shirt, and always wears a mustache.  He drives and works on his ’65 Corvette and his jeep that rarely has doors on it.  He taught me how to ride horses.  His dogs never leave his side.  He has the greenest thumb i’ve ever seen.  Plants literally look at him and grow.

There is so much more that only meeting him in person would satisfy.  Gah I love him





Day 6

Let me tell you about my grandparents.  They are a priceless representation of true love.  True love in this world doesn’t exist you say?  I beg to differ, and i have proof.  They have been together now for more than 50 years.  They have had some tough times, both being independent and stubborn individuals, but they love each other.  They are now both in their early 70’s and you would think their puppy love never grew up.

They met at a small amusement park where my grandma was hanging out and eating some popcorn with her girlfriends near her car.  He walked out, walked up to her, and started eating her popcorn without saying a word to her.  She went home that day and told her mom she had met the man she’s going to marry, her mother didn’t say anything.  When she brought him home to meet her parents my grandpa came on a motorcycle, and my great grandfather (who was a cop) told my grandmother that she could not date him.

They got married when my grandma was 17 and it has been quite a story ever since.  They have been the most solid and encouraging example of a good marriage to me, i love them so much.


Day 5

My Grandma enjoys telling me stories.  Some of her favorite stories to tell are the ones about my crazy aunt Tootie.  Tootie wasn’t her real name, right now I can’t remember her real name so I’ll post that later.  She also had several other names, as in she had her name legally changed several times.  I can only remember Dixie though, cause I know one of her many admirers had an accordian custom made for her with that name on it.  She did have many admirers.  She was an entertainer.  She took one year of accordian and could then play just about any instrument she picked up after that.  She played piano by ear like it’s what she was born to do, it probably was.  There are so many stories I’m sure I will post soon but the one regarding this photograph is what I will limit myself to for now.

Aunt Tootie dated some prince of some country out near Europe.  I’ll have to ask my Grandma which country it was exactly but nonetheless she was dating this guy and he of course had his own private plane in which they flew to visit my grandparents.  My poor grandfather was on the toilet when Tootie walked in and said “Bud! Hurry up, the prince of such and such is here you have to come meet him!”  They then flew back to wherever they had been but crashed in El Paso Texas on the way.  When reporters came to interview and be nosey, my Aunt shooed them away because she had to fix her hair, of course.  This photo is from that plane crash in 1977.


Day 4

This is another gem.  1934, day at the beach.  The lady to the far left is my great grandmother.  Check out the fox in the white hat too, she’s my favorite part about this photo, along with their classic expressions, oh glory.


Day 3

I enjoy everything about this photo. The unfocused foreground, the look on each face, everything.


This is my Great Grandmother. She is the lady holding the baby in the photo above.


Day 2

This is the oldest photo I have found in my grandma’s stash. It’s a photo of my Great Grandfather’s 1st grade class from 1912. My Great Great Grandfather is in the bottom left corner of the photo. Quite a gem ladies and gentlemen, quite a gem.